Browning and Sons, Inc considers food and consumer safety our number one priority. We back that commitment through our farm certifications, employee training and traceability procedures.

Farm Certification

Primus Certification

All our farms are 3rd party primus certified every year. This process underscores their commitment to safe food production.

Regulation Compliance

We keep up with ever changing regulations. We put forth our best efforts to adhere to each one.

Product Safety Ensurance

We ensure our produce safety with a $5 million liability insurance policy.


We encourage our employees to learn more about food safety through:

  • Regular Food Safety Programs
  • Training Workshops
  • Staff Development Programs

woman holding a small plant


Traceability is the capability of tracking food through the production and distribution chain to identify risks in order to protect public health. Browning and Sons, Inc is committed to enhancing traceability to improve food and customer safety.


We are partnering to develop new electronic tracking programs through innovative technology.


We are improving tracking capabilities by complying with packaging regulations.